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ER24 on your phone

National emergency care service ER24 has launched IDMe, which connects you to medical help via your cellphpne.
Nationalnemergency medical care service ER24 has launched a new service called IDMenthat connects you to fast medical help via your cellphones in the event of annemergency. The service is powered by technology from South Africa’s leadingnprovider of GSM location based services, Cellfind,na subsidiary of Blue LabelnTelecoms.

IDMe is yournguardian and helper in any emergency. It turns your cellphone into a panicnbutton that immediately links you to ER24’s Contact Centre when you hit a speedndial number.

Your locationnwill be traced by means of triangulation using cellular towers. An operatornwill also phone you immediately to find out what assistance you need so thatnthe authorities and necessary help can be dispatched to your location. ER24nwill save you valuable time by dispatching the closest and most appropriatenemergency resource, providing life-saving treatment, and transporting you tonthe nearest most suitable medical facility.

Says ER24nspokesperson Werner Vermaak: “The incidence of trauma in South Africa hasnincreased dramatically in recent years. It is a sad fact that emergencies suchnas road accidents and violent crime can strike at any time.”

“Cellfind isnproud to be partnering with ER24 to provide a service such as IDMe. With IDMe,nyou can safeguard your life and the lives of your family members by ensuringnthat when you need it, you will always be able to get real help quickly,” saysnJacques Swanepoel, Managing Director at Cellfind.

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