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Epson brings home the cinema experience

Epson has launched two HD 3D projectors, featuring a quick conversion button from 2D to 3D and automatic colour optimisation to deliver brighter and more vivid colours.

A key feature of the two models is that you can convert 2D HD content to 3D at the touch of a button, including video games. They also feature automatic colour optimisation, frame interpolation, a form of video processing that adds in additional frames to reduce motion blur and ensure that video reproduction is crisp and clear, and super-resolution technology to further enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, Epson’s 3LCD technology and the high contrast ratio of 320,000:1 deliver lifelike colours, deep blacks and accurately reproduced detail.

Dean Jules, product manager at Epson South Africa, says: ‚”This high-end range of home cinema projectors from Epson is perfect for anyone with a dedicated movie room, or anyone who appreciates superb quality film reproduction in their home. Not only do they deliver high-quality cinematic images, they’re also really easy to install because of their wide lens shift, and centred lens with a powerful zoom. This gives users the flexibility to set the projector up wherever they want, without worrying about blurring or distortion.‚”

The projectors boast the ability to use anamorphic formatting. This is the projection format in which a distorted image is ‘stretched’ by an anamorphic projection lens to recreate the original aspect ratio on the viewing screen so that viewing is perfect in both 3D and 2D modes. They also feature a Fujinon centred lens, manual vertical keystone correction, four colour modes in 2D mode and two colour modes in 3D, and a three year lamp warranty.

Offering the ultimate home cinema experience, the range is packed with the latest technology, including:

· Radio Frequency (RF) 3D technology, providing a strong signal for 3D glasses

· Ultra-high 320,000:1 contrast ratio

· Super-resolution and frame interpolation for a sharp and crisp viewing experience

· 2.1 zoom lens and wide lens shift for installation flexibility

· 2D to 3D conversion

· 3LCD technology with equally bright white and colour light output for vivid, lifelike images

· The EH-TW9100 comes with two pairs of USB-rechargeable, lightweight, active shutter 3D glasses, which can be used up to 10 metres from the projector, and if you already own a pair, then these glasses are optional for the EH-TW8100.

EH-TW9100 and EH-TW8100 are available from April 2013, with a recommended retail price of R30, 995.00 and R23, 995.00 respectively.


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