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DStv gets new iPad/iPhone TV guide

DStv has announced an update to its iPhone and iPad app. The new version features better search functionality, access to the Channel Guide ‚ without an Internet connection and the ability to set reminders.

Immedia iOS Developer Jitesh Nunnan says that although the new iPhone version may at first glance look similar to the recently launched iPad app, its look and feel resonates more appropriately with the smartphone user. ‚The app allows the user to discover content and plan their viewing quickly ‚ while still reflecting the richness of the DStv brand,‚ he explains. An example of this is the ‚Right Now’ view that lets the user know what’s happening on DStv in real-time – a feature that is not necessarily required in the iPad app.

The new app also includes features of the iPad app that have proven incredibly popular with viewers such as: a ‚Remind Me’ button that allows users to set alerts for their favourite TV shows: and social aspects for users to share what they have really enjoyed watching via Facebook or email.

The new iPhone app also boasts these innovative services:

¬∑ Access the Channel Guide for the next ten days (even when you don’t have an internet connection).

¬∑ Channel filtering according to country, genre, DStv bouquet or a selection of the user’s favourite channels.

· Daily highlights and access to additional up-to-the-minute entertainment news from

All these features have been designed to make planning one’s viewing schedule a simple but always entertaining experience. They’re also perfect examples of how existing customer relationships with the DStv brand can be enhanced to a new level of intimacy, through the appeal of innovative app solutions.

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