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Don’t let your cellular bills break the bank

Despite the recent reduction of interconnect rates, South African companies still have to pay exorbitant mobile fees. Furthermore, the mobile phone is becoming the communications tool of choice ‚ meaning that companies are going to have to continue paying these prices. IS however believes that it has a solution in the form of its latest offering ‚ VoIS.

Corporate South Africa continues to bear the brunt of the high cost of mobile telephony, despite the recent reduction in interconnect fees. Statistics show that over 25% of corporate telecoms budgets account for cellular minutes and with the increase in mobile workforces this is set to increase. The biggest challenge, however, is to manage these mobile telephony costs in light of ever-increasing prices across other utilities. This is the view of Justin Spratt, General Manager of Wi-Fi and VOIP Mobile at Internet Solutions.

Internet Solutions has launched a new business unit, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) to its Clients to allow them to gain more control over mobile communication costs while providing workers with greater flexibility and driving expenses down. ‚For too long corporate South Africa has paid exorbitant prices for mobile telephony and this new business unit is set to change that,‚ says Spratt.

VoIS Mobile is the first product component under the FMC suite. ‚Mobile phones are already becoming the communications tool of choice and we believe this trend will continue as more individuals use their mobile phones across transactions,‚ says Spratt. ‚Ultimately the way in which mobile phones are being used across voice, email, instant messaging and social media has led to a natural transition toward Unified Communications.‚

The VoIS Mobile solution will allow corporate South Africa to immediately reduce their mobile telephony bills. ‚Some of the benefits include bringing mobile calls On Net while in an IS Wireless zone, cheaper mobile call rates making use of VoIS Mobile, aggregated call savings and building a VoIS Mobile community to leverage more features and further reduce call costs,‚ says Spratt. ‚These benefits will immediately result in lower mobile telephony costs, allowing businesses to remain flexible through their mobile strategies without breaking the bank,‚ he concludes.

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