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DIY websites from MWEB

MWEB has announced Website SelfBuild, a program that it says lets users easily build their own websites from scratch.

Website SelfBuild, the new DIY site building software from MWEB, makes creating and maintaining a website quick, easy and affordable. The software forms part of MWEB’s Uncapped Website Hosting package, which offers business owners a complete hosting solution.

Carolyn Holgate, MWEB Connect General Manager, says while it’s critical for all businesses to have an online presence, creating and maintaining a website is not always that easy for small and home offices (SOHOs), and small to medium enterprises (SMEs.)‚

“A website has become an integral part of having a business, making it easy for potential customers to see what you have to offer, how they can get hold of you, your pricing and more. South Africa is now firmly entrenched in the digital age and customers expect to find your business online. A good web presence is crucial and clients may turn to an alternative supplier if they cannot find your website, or if your site is not as professional and up to date as it should be.

“”However, we recognise that business owners often don’t have the time or manpower to get a great website up and running. Affordability can also be an issue as it can be costly to create and maintain a site. That’s why we’ve launched Website SelfBuild. It removes a lot of the barriers that prevent smaller companies from getting themselves online,”” she says.

The Website SelfBuild software makes the creation and maintenance of a website much quicker and easier. Now business owners don’t necessarily need to look to third party graphic designers and developers to help build a website.

‚With Website SelfBuild, the easy to use WYSIWYG tool allows you to simply point and click through a step-by-step setup process. The software has 750 ready-made designs and templates, which can be customised to fit the desired needs, or the user can start from scratch. Updating the site via a simple to use WYSIWYG editor Content Management System (CMS) is just as easy, making it possible for you to keep your website current and aligned with your latest business offerings, ‚ she says.

At no additional cost, clients of MWEB’s Uncapped Website Hosting can thus easily create and maintain a customised website on software that is as easy to use as a word processing package. ‚You can now manage your website yourself from end to end,”” she says.

Uncapped Website Hosting is currently free for a year to MWEB ADSL customers and thereafter costs from R19 upwards, depending on requirements. In addition, Uncapped Website Hosting customers receive a free domain registration which is renewed year by year at no extra cost, so long as that client remains an Uncapped Website Hosting customer. The package also comes with a personalised email address and five aliases, with the possibility of adding more addresses as required.

“”MWEB’s Uncapped Website Hosting offers uncapped traffic. This means that business owners don’t need to worry about the costs escalating as their site draws in more visitors. MWEB’s solution also offers uncapped hosting space which means that a business can enhance, develop and grow its website without the monthly hosting price increasing. This sets MWEB’s solution apart from other offerings where you can pay extra once you have used up the bandwidth or hosting space allotment you receive each month,”” Holgate says.

Uncapped Website Hosting also provides clients with a MySQL Database for managing product catalogues and libraries effectively. MySQL is a popular open source solution, which is able to easily integrate with most website development tools. Microsoft SQL databases can also be integrated.

“”MWEB’s Uncapped Website Hosting gives you a hassle-free, affordable solution for giving your business the professional online presence it needs,”” Holgate says.

For more information, please visit the following link where MWEB will add more product details, a video and tutorial in 2012:

* “

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