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Digital danger in concert cameras

A recent survey by Symantec has shown that as the role of smartphones expands when attending concerts and festivals, so do the security risks.

Symantec experts caution fans to be aware of the digital dangers that may come into play such as loss or theft of mobile devices, as well as online scams. They also offer some insights and tips on how to stay safe.

A survey of ‚”modern fans‚” defined as men and women who have recently attended concerts, events and festivals, in 11 countries around the world revealed the following:

Forget Lighters and Cameras: Smartphones Reign Supreme

¬∑ Seventy-seven percent of modern fans surveyed said it’s important to have their smartphone at concerts, events and festivals. In fact, 92 percent were more likely to bring their smartphone than any other item, including cash, ID and credit and debit cards.

¬∑ Today’s modern fan is mobile. Nearly one-in-five has used their smartphone to present a ticket to get into an event, and one-in-10 has used their smartphone to purchase items at events.

· A majority (78 percent) captured event photos and videos, and 50 percent posted photos to social media channels. Women were more likely than men to post event photos, status updates and check-in on social media.

Digital Ticket Scalpers Are on the Rise

· Nearly one-in-five modern fans surveyed reported to have known someone or purchased a ticket themselves that did not provide all the access it promised.

· More than half (58 percent) of problematic tickets were purchased from an online marketplace versus people selling tickets outside concert, event and festival venues (49 percent).

Risky Digital Behavior Is Commonplace

· Nearly one-third (31 percent) of modern fans admitted to failing to password-protect their smartphones, and 35 percent took no precautions to protect against loss or theft.

· Thirty-five percent of modern fans globally have had their smartphone stolen, lost or misplaced.

· Public transit is a hotbed for lost, stolen or misplaced smartphones. Globally, more smartphones have gone missing in public transportation than in personal vehicles/taxis, outdoors, bars or restaurants/cafes.

Apps Can Rock the Event Experience or Spam It

· Sixty-six percent of modern fans who have downloaded concert, event and festival apps said they enhanced the overall experience. Unfortunately, 25 percent reported the app spammed them afterward and 12 percent actually regretted downloading it.

Young People Are More Security Conscious

· Modern fans under the age of 30 were more likely to take precautions to protect their smartphone than those over the age of 50. While more young people said smartphones are important to the overall concert, event and festival experience, they were also more likely to have their smartphone stolen, lost or misplaced.


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