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As the number of South Africans who use mobile solutions to access the Internet increases, so to does the need to move away from one 3G dongle per machine. To try and cater for this, TRENDnet has announced its 150Mbps Mobile Wireless N Router.

Today, everything is about mobility. The latest statistics indicate that in addition to the increasing prevalence of mobile phones and tablets, the number of people using mobile solutions for Internet access is growing exponentially. In South Africa, this is especially true.

Until recently, users of mobile Internet solutions have been unable to take the technology any further than one dongle plugged into one machine. But thanks to TRENDnet, a global provider of networking solutions to small and medium size business and home users, mobile Internet users can now create their own wireless networks.

The new, 150Mbps Mobile Wireless N Router model from TRENDnet is ideal for users who need immediate access to the Internet from any 3G/4G cellular signal. The compact router connects to the Internet either using a traditional hard wired connection, or by cutting the cables and connecting with a compatible USB modem from a 3G/4G Internet service provider such as Cell C, Vodacom or MTN.

‚Users can just plug the 3G/4G USB modem into the router to share an Internet connection with up six times the speed and three times the coverage of a wireless solution, without any hassle of installation or wiring,‚ explains Simon Campbell-Young, CEO at Phoenix Software, TRENDnet’s local distributor. ‚’The connection speed users receive from their 3G Internet provider currently tops out around 3Mbps. The router’s 150Mbps wireless n technology provides ample bandwidth for all connected users.‚

Compatible with all 3G/4G dongles from all of the service providers, the mobile router from TRENDnet is a plug-and-play unit. No installation is required, and simply plugging the 3G USB adapter into the router to share a single Internet connection will enable a far-reaching wireless network. In addition, the router’s wireless encryption protects user’s valuable data and its WiFi Protected Setup integrates other WPS supported clients at the touch of a button.

‚Designed for real-life portability, the router has a rechargeable and replaceable 1.5 hour lithium ion battery,‚ adds Campbell-Young. ‚An on/off switch on the back of the devices saves battery life, and for long trips, users can power the router with TRENDnet’s car adapter.‚


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