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One of the main hassles of television game consoles is the miles and miles of cables that get twisted, knotted and caught around objects, causing absolute mayhem in your entertainment area. But there is a solution writes SEAN BACHER.

Not as ready as any other control, with the Logitech there are a couple of extra steps you must remember. Firstly plug the receiver into the PlayStation, and then insert the included batteries into the control. Once that’s done you have to synchronise the gamepad to the receiver, to do that just press the ‚Receive‚ button on the receiver and away you go.

As easy as any game pad, the buttons are located in exactly the same place as on a normal PlayStation control. The ergonomics of the control are also very good, it feels very comfy and you will never get tired of holding it no matter how long you play for.

It most certainly alleviates some of the wires associated with game consoles. (Hopefully Logitech will design some sort of cordless AC adaptor next). It also prevents the phenomena known as ‚Square-eyes‚ from sitting too close to the screen. And yes you can sit as far back from your TV as you want. However, beyond one meter you just can’t see the characters anymore.

No, not really, cordless technology has been around for ages. The Logitech Cordless Controller also looks and acts exactly the same way as a normal PlayStation controller so there is no ground-breaking developments there either.

A standard PlayStation controller retails for round about R200-00 and the Logitech Cordless for R999-00. Now I am sure you will agree with me, that is quite a difference. So no, I don’t think it is value for money seeing as the only benefit of the Logitech is that there is no wire.

The Logitech Cordless Controller is available from Incredible Connection for R999-00. Contact them on (011) 806-8400.

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