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Conquer Online scales to iPhone

Since making its debut for the iPad, Conquer Online has topped 400 000 downloads. This number is set to grow as a scaled version is announced for the iPhone.

A while ago gamers could only play MMO games on PC, but now technology allows us to play online games on the go. Last year, NetDragon Websoft brought Conquer Online to the iOS platform specifically designed for the iPad. But now this MMO game from the East is available to iPhone users too.

Since its debut on the App Store, the total downloads for Conquer Online topped 400 thousand, and the number keeps growing. Editors of the MMO website believe that with the combination of the scaled iPhone version and the new features in the latest update will dramatically increase downloads.

The Conquer Online update includes the following features:

Chi System Chi power is locked by 4 inner gates: the Dragon Gate, Phoenix Gate, Tiger Gate and Turtle Gate. Unlocking these will grant you additional attributes that provide you with more powers.

New Skills & Weapons The warriors will receive two newly designed, powerful defensive skills: Defensive Stance and Magic Defender, which increase their defences. Ninjas are also equipped with new weapons and 3 new skills.


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