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Cisco Capital unveils financial solutions

At the Cisco Expo currently under way at Sun City, Cisco Capital unveiled a range of financing solutions available to its customers in South Africa.

Cisco Capital specializes in providing financing solutions for Cisco’s customers and channel partners worldwide and tailors financing options for specific technologies, markets and geographies for Cisco-based solutions in more than 145 countries. With customized solutions for financing technology investments, organizations can spread the costs of new technology and services over time, maximize cash flow and conserve valuable capital budgets.

Since 2006 Cisco Capital has been serving customers in South Africa through its Captive financing organisation, providing end user financing, including leases and loans for Cisco products and services

Cisco Capital is a financial services organization specializing in financing networking and communications technology and services for its customers and channel partners worldwide.

Its offerings include:

Technology Financing Attractive and flexible financing options available for Cisco technology solutions including hardware, software and services.

Channel Financing With its financing partners, Cisco Capital provides credit lines and payment terms beyond Cisco’s standard net 30-day term.

Pre-Owned Equipment The Cisco Capital organization is also responsible for all resale of Cisco certified refurbished equipment, including end of life product and end of lease returns.

Cisco Capital’s leasing penetration and portfolio are intentionally growing in scale and size, as Cisco leverages the customer, partner and shareholder value that Cisco Capital delivers. It employs prudent lending practices, while being conservative in accounting and revenue recognition of these activities.

Cisco Capital’s goal is to support business transformation for customers and provide partners with growth opportunities (top line) and profitability/margins (bottom line).


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