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LG has never been a serious contender in the fashion sector of cell phone market, but this is soon to change with their new slim slider the KG800 dubbed The Chocolate

LG has come along way from its previously clunky software but this being said it still has a long way to go, the menu system is almost identical to that of an old Samsung and it has some applications under the incorrect sub-menus for instance the alarm is under tools where as most other manufactures have it under organiser. Well its not all bad news the software is very quick in most areas and once you get used to the touch navigation pad and memorised where the tools are the phone becomes a pleasure to use.

Yes, LG promised a good quality stylish fashion phone and that is what they delivered. This phone is not intended for business men and such as the calendar is hopeless and it refuses to sync with any operating system or any program.

Most cell phone manufacturers would settle for a innovative hidden screen and keypad, but LG took it one step further adding something never seen on a cell phone before a touch navigation pad, just for this here at we are calling it the most innovative phone of 2006.

Going for about R2 800 the Chocolate offers great value, giving you all the features such as Bluetooth a 1,3 Megpixel Camera and an MP3 player in a well designed, ergonomically friendly package.

In closing we would not recommend this phone to someone looking for a serious business tool, but would however propose the Chocolate to anybody willing to sacrifice some practicality for ultimate style. This quote by Lord Chesterfield perfectly sums up what the Chocolate is all about ‚If you are not in fashion you are nobody‚

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