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How to keep up with change in 2019

By Malcolm Vather, manager solutions design at T-Systems South Africa.

It’s no secret that the role of IT specialists and CIOs alike has changed drastically over the past few years, stemming from the need to get a better handle on the ever-evolving technologies integral to doing business in an age of disruption.  This shift has also been essential to create more effective and comprehensive digital transformation strategies for organisations. Of course, with the new year, the pressure is even greater to deliver future-minded IT solutions that meet the requirements of companies and, more importantly, their customers.

No business wants to be left behind. Ideally, they want to position themselves as a notable industry pioneer, utilising tomorrow’s innovations in their operations today to give themselves an advantage over their competitors. Looking at 2019, especially in South Africa, there are likely to be two parallel developments in terms of IT solutions integration for business.

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