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CES 2015: TCL brings QD to world

TCL, best-known as manufacturer of Alcatel phones, plans to take on the big players in UHD TV technology with low-cost Quantum Dot displays.

The new TCL 55″ 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV that launched in the Chinese market in December will soon be available in the targeted overseas markets, such as Europe and Asia Pacific, according to TCL Multimedia and QD Vision.

Quantum Dot TVs are the most advanced sets on the market today, with the TCL devices enabled by Color IQ optics from QD Vision. The TVs, on display at the International CES expo in Las Vegas this week, offer superior performance and better value than other LCD systems and OLED TVs.

The TCL Quantum Dot TV H9700 is already in high-demand in China because of its sleek design, amazing color, and accessible price.

Our Quantum Dot TV H9700 has been extremely well-received by consumers in China, and we look forward to making it available to a broader market this spring,” said E. Hao, CEO of TCL Multimedia, the world’s third best-selling television brand. “When you deliver a high-end product at an affordable price, the market responds.

“Color IQ technology from QD Vision is the only Quantum Dot TV solution that delivers full-gamut color in an energy-efficient and low-cost package,” said Matt Mazzuchi, Vice President, Market and Business Development, QD Vision. “We are thrilled to work so closely with TCL to help introduce the era of quantum dots to television.

According to TCL, Color IQ Quantum Dot technology enables the TCL H9700 QLED TV to achieve 110% of full-gamut NTSC color performance. Until now, most mainstream LCD TV designs delivered 60-70% of the NTSC color gamut standard. Working together, TCL and QD Vision have delivered a state-of-the-art television with full-gamut color at LCD TV prices.

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