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CES 2013: Wood for the ears

Griffin will use this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas to showcase its WoodTones line of headphones, which combine the aesthetic and acoustic benefits of wood to offer great audio accessories.

Griffin Technology is combining the aesthetic and acoustic benefits inherent in real wood to create its WoodTones line of great-sounding and great-looking audio accessories. Griffin’s premium WoodTones collection will expand at CES 2013 to include over the ear headphones and AUX cables, joining the popular earbud models that launched in mid 2012.

Each piece in the WoodTones set is housed with hand-turned wood polished to a smooth satin finish giving it unique color and markings. Griffin’s wooden housings are made from responsibly harvested Beech, Sapele and Walnut trees, long prized in the making of drums and musical instruments for their enhancement of vocal and bass frequencies. The acoustic quality of the wooden enclosures also improves sound volume so users can listen at lower volume levels while still enjoying the same caliber of sound.

Griffin’s WoodTones line will include over-the-ear headphones and earbuds both equipped with control microphones, along with a 3-foot long AUX cable.

WoodTones Headphones with Control Mic, $99.99, feature plush ear pads to isolate outside distractions and ensure comfort, allowing users to wear them for extended periods without fatigue. The new over the ear headphone model boasts a 50mm moving coil driver for superior sound quality in a uniquely attractive wooden housing. A detachable 1/8‚” (3.5 mm) cable and fold-flat earcups provide users with easy travel and storage, while a built-in mic allows users to take calls, interact with Siri and control audio playback. WoodTones Headphones with Control Mic will be available February 2013.

WoodTones Earbuds with Control Mic, $29.99, currently available at, feature soft silicone ear cushions available in three sizes, a 1/8‚” (3.5 mm) gold-plated connector, and four feet of smooth, black TPE-coated cable to give users room to move around. WoodTones earbuds are packaged inside a drawstring pouch made of natural hemp fiber.

Griffin’s WoodTones AUX Cable, $14.99, will feature gold-plated 1/8‚” (3.5 mm) connectors and three feet of black TPE-coated cable to resist kinking and tangling. This great-looking AUX cable provides a direct connection from a set of headphones or line-out jack to the stereo’s AUX-in jack producing the best possible sound. It can be used with any iPod, iPhone, iPad or other media player with a headphone or 1/8‚” (3.5mm) audio jack. The AUX cable also comes with its own hemp drawstring pouch for easy transport. WoodTones AUX cable will be available February 2013.


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