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CES 2013: One dock to hold them all

Design and technology brand onanoff used this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show to showcase its universal Dock Minimal for tablets.

What makes the Dock Minimal stand out from all other tablet stands and docks is that it works with a wide range of today’s latest tablets from leading brands. The dock currently supports iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, Samsung and Nexus tablets/eBook readers, but the team at onanoff is continuously testing and adding compatibility for even more models.

Olafsson invented the Dock Minimal because he understands the frustration of buying all new accessories after upgrading to a new model or different brand and he wanted to create a dock/stand that evolved with the latest technology.

“I’m excited to showcase the new Dock Minimal,”” says Petur Olafsson, creator of the Dock Minimal and founder of onanoff. “”It is a privilege to share the floor with these titans of industry here at CES.””

Onanoff is also currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the new Dock Minimal for tablets. Once the Dock Minimal has reached its $25,000 funding goal, Olafsson and his team will move the new product to production. To learn more about the Dock Minimal or to place an order, visit and support onanoff’s latest project.

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