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CES 2013: Home security in palm of your hand

At the Consumer Electronics Show currently underway in Las Vegas, iSmart Alarm unveiled a new alarm system that uses the iPhone to arm, monitor, and disarm their security systems anytime and anywhere in real time.

The iSmartAlarm offers a simple setup and no contracts or monthly fees.

‚”People are already using their iPhones in all facets of their lives, so it was natural to extend the use to home security,‚” said Raymond Meng, Co-Founder & CEO, iSmart Alarm. ‚”By incorporating the iPhone into our system, people can now use their iPhones to protect their homes, belongings and, most importantly, their loved ones in safer and more intelligent ways.‚”

The iSmartAlarm puts a 21st century spin on traditional security systems. The sleek, sophisticated design sets up in minutes with no need for professional installation. Simply plug the CubeOne, the brains of the system, into any outlet and connect to an Internet router. Then attach the wireless window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors and cameras in any room you want to monitor. If the alarm is triggered by suspicious activity, the system will phone the user instantly and automatically take five pictures from different angles, moments apart, and send them to the user’s iPhone.

‚”The iSmartAlarm allows you to see what is happening at your house no matter where you are, judge the situation quickly, and make the right decisions to protect what matters most,‚” said Raymond Meng. ‚”Additionally, an alert message will also be sent immediately to your family members or other contacts allowing you and your loved ones to stay out of harm’s way.‚”

While traditional security systems are built into the home, the iSmartAlarm is a portable home security solution, making it ideal for not only house owners, but also renters living in apartments. With no monthly fees and no contracts, the iSmartAlarm will save customers thousands of dollars for the life of the product over conventional home security systems.

In addition to protecting homes, the iSmartAlarm is an open platform and could be used for a variety of household purposes including turning lights on and off, controlling room temperature remotely, monitoring for carbon monoxide gas, smoke and water leaks, tracking your pets and feeding your pets on your schedule.


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