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CES 2013: Heart rate direct to iPhone

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 4iiii Innovations released Viiiiva, a heart rate monitor (HRM) enabling ANT+ devices to communicate with an iPhone/iPod touch in real-time without any adapters.

A lightweight, comfortable chest strap HRM, Viiiiva integrates Liiiink technology, an ANT+ to Bluetooth Smart bridge, allowing an athlete to monitor heart rate on an iPhone as well as a sport watch. Viiiiva also allows the athlete to adjust settings, review activity summaries and to receive performance feedback from their iPhone or iPod at anytime, anywhere. Viiiiva is available now for $79 at and at select retailers.

‚”The Liiiink technology inside Viiiiva turns the iPhone/iPod touch into a cycling computer or running monitor, making performance monitoring smarter and faster,‚” says Alana Baxter, Product Manager at 4iiii Innovations. ‚”As a group of triathletes, we need a system that connects all our devices to our iPhone/iPod providing us with on-the-go monitoring, file saving, and performance review. It was through recognizing this need that we came up with the idea of Viiiiva and created our unique Liiiink technology.‚”

Viiiiva displays heart rate on ANT+ displays (watches and bike computers) and on Bluetooth Smart displays (like iPhone). Liiiink enables Viiiiva to channel output from ANT+ sensors including foot pods, bike speed/cadence sensors, and power meters to Bluetooth Smart format to send to iPhone/iPods. Viiiiva is also the ideal companion for Sportiiiis, 4iiii’s Heads-up Audio/Visual Performance Coach that provides runners and cyclists with key performance information without taking their eyes off the road.

Viiiiva HRM features include:

• Works with your Garmin, TIMEX, adidas, and other popular displays.

• Accurate heart rate measurement on your Bluetooth Smart iPhone without awkward adapters.

• Liiiink sends heart rate, cadence*, power*, speed* to most popular iOS fitness apps including Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Runtastic, Runmeter, Strava, Training Peaks and Runkeeper.

• Run and ride unencumbered, leave behind your watch and phone. When combined with Sportiiiis, you get all the information you need including elapsed time, distance, and heart rate.

• Viiiiva stores your workout data in .FIT files.

• Extend iPhone battery life with Tip Tap technology tap Viiiiva to wake up your display.

• No need to recharge. Viiiiva runs on a coin-cell battery for over a year.

*When applicable ANT+ compatible sensors are connected

To learn more about Viiiiva or Sportiiiis and other accessories visit

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