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CES 2013: Fleksy ‘solves’ tablet typing

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Syntellia, creators of Fleksy, the technology that makes typing on a touchscreen easier, will debut the next generation of the prediction engine and introduce Fleksy for Android.

Syntellia’s Fleksy uses a predictive text technology that makes accurate typing easy on touchscreens, even when you miss every single letter. Fleksy outperforms all current market offerings both in terms of input speed and accuracy so much so that users can type as fast on touchscreens as they do on laptops.

Syntellia’s patented technology features such a powerful autocorrect engine that visually impaired users have been using it to type as easily as sighted people do on touchscreen devices. At CES, Syntellia will debut of the next generation of Fleksy’s prediction engine, which brings the technology out of the disability market and into the mass market with user interface innovations and support for multiple languages. CES 2013 will also be the debut of Fleksy on multiple platforms, including Android.

‚”Typing is still the biggest frustration for customers using smartphones and tablets. The result is that some people won’t buy a touchscreen device, and others won’t use their devices nearly as much as they could. It’s actually the biggest barrier to smartphone and tablet adoption right now,‚” Kostas Eleftheriou, Syntellia co-founder and CEO, said.


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