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CES 2013: Color IQ comes to TV

Last week, at the International CES in Las Vegas, Vision introduced Color IQ, which enables the next generation of LCD televisions, monitors and other display products to deliver more lifelike, brilliant colours.

The first customer for Color IQ is Sony’s ‚”BRAVIA‚” LCD Televisions. Some of its new 2013 models which were announced also at the Consumer Electronics Show include Color IQ. ‚”By integrating QD Vision’s ‚”Color IQ‚” optical component with Sony’s unique display technologies, our ‚”BRAVIA¬Æ‚” television sets achieve significantly wider color gamut, that provides a far more natural and vivid viewing experience,‚” said Masashi Imamura, President, Home Entertainment and Sound Business Group, Sony Corporation.

‚”Color IQ is an industry game changer. QD Vision is honored to go to market first with Sony, a long established leader in TV and display industries,” said QD Vision CEO Jason Carlson. “”Color IQ completely changes the LCD television viewing experience by immersing the user in all the brilliant colors the world has to offer. Most mainstream LCD TV designs have had to sacrifice color quality typically only delivering 60-70% of the NTSC color standard,‚”” Carlson said. ‚””Color IQ increases color performance by up to 50%, and is capable of delivering 100% of the NTSC standard, this provides consumers with unparalleled color performance at a superior value.‚””

Color IQ works with all major LCD applications, including LCD TVs, LCD monitors and mobile displays, providing both superior color performance and high system efficiency.

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