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CES 2013: ‘Cloud’ security camera for the home

British IP camera specialist, Y-cam Solutions, will debut the HomeMonitor and Cube wireless cameras that connect to the Cloud at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

These wireless cameras cater to residential and professionals, with a first-to-market outdoor cloud version offered with HomeMonitor.

‚”We believe remote video monitoring is genuinely valuable to a wide range of consumers. Who wouldn’t want the option to see what’s happening at their home from anywhere or record a short clip each time someone approaches their front door?‚” said Devin Chawda, Y-cam CEO. ‚”The challenge up until now is most people are put off due to high costs, technical fears or reliability issues. Y-cam HomeMonitor changes this. Our camera technology connects to a free secure cloud account that can be viewed on virtually any mobile, computer, tablet or even TV.

Y-cam HomeMonitor

HomeMonitor is a new ‚’plug & play’ secure cloud camera service that makes it easier than ever for people to monitor their home, loved ones and belongings from any device, anywhere. Quick and easy set-up takes minutes: connect the HomeMonitor camera to a home network (through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable), create an online account and begin viewing live from anywhere: no technical knowhow or fiddling with routers required. Users can now see and store events securely in the cloud, viewing footage from any Internet-enabled computer or smartphone, with no monthly subscription required. Having the ability to tap into home life from anywhere in the world gives users peace of mind: check on children or elderly relatives, record clips each time someone approaches a front door or vehicle, or ensure the house is safe while traveling.

HomeMonitor is the first-ever residential monitoring solution offering both indoor and outdoor installations that are Wi-Fi enabled and offer true cloud-based viewing and recording.

Y-cam Cube

The Cube is a professional grade, indoor IP camera providing exceptional video and audio representation, ideal for home or business customers seeking the upmost in security, integration, design and reliability. Cube offers remote viewing and recording, plus local recording to microSD or NAS. Offering the highest quality, and widest range of inter-device compatibility, each camera is filled to the brim with specialized features which provide the next level of security for high-tech homes and safety-conscious businesses, allowing users to stay in control no matter where they may be. Cube also eliminates the need for bulky camera equipment: its small and sleek design blends quietly into any setting.

Three versions of the Cube are available VGA (640 x 480 resolution) and HD (720p and full HD 1080p) in either black or white. All offer market-leading powerful night vision, automatic IR cut filter operation for uncompromising colour and picture quality in day and night, intuitive motion detection, real-time video and audio streaming to Internet-enabled devices, and minimal bandwidth usage and storage requirements. Y-cam is also one of the few IP camera companies that supports both PC and Mac platforms.

‚”Over the past five years, we’ve seen a trend among parents trying to use our existing Y-cam cameras for baby monitoring. As parents ourselves, we understood that our current cameras didn’t meet the needs of modern parents so we tasked ourselves with creating a baby monitoring system that integrated the high-tech video and wireless Wi-Fi technology of our current lines blended with more user-friendly features and cutting-edge app development,‚” said Chawda. ‚”The BabyPing Video Monitor leads the Y-cam vision to make monitoring loved ones simple and affordable for everyone.‚”


BabyPing is a secure Wi-Fi-enabled smart baby monitor. Parents can hear, view and monitor their infant at all times via an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the free BabyPing app, which runs in the background so users can continue to read books, surf the web or listen to music on their devices while simultaneously monitoring their baby.

BabyPing has developed its own technology evolving it into a truly next generation smart baby monitor not just a ‚’baby viewer.’ SmartFilter technology cuts out background noise and static associated with traditional baby monitors, and Constant-Connect acts as a permanent tether between the app and monitor notifying the user when the baby is upset or if their Wi-Fi network status changes at any point. BabyPing+ allows for viewing when outside the home over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, and also gives one-tap sharing access to family and friends, wherever they are in the world. These features allow parents to not only see their baby remotely, but actually monitor their baby locally without delays or broken connections.

BabyPing is currently the only Wi-Fi monitor on the market with completely invisible infrared night vision, offering round-the-clock visibility without disturbing the baby. Modern and sleek in design, BabyPing is simple to set-up directly on an iOS device with no need for a computer, and the ability to use the monitor at home when not connected to the internet ensures parents who worry about privacy and security can rest easy. BabyPing also features all the specifications you would expect from a high tech baby monitor, such as vivid full color video with 640 x 480 resolution, a high quality built-in microphone and superfast wireless Wi-Fi, double-layer security and customizable alerts (live audio or silent vibrations) to inform parents if the baby cries, if Wi-Fi connection has been broken or if the iOS device is out of range, putting parents firmly in control by creating the safest way to monitor their baby.

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