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CES 2012: Neutral density x7



The Tiffen Company, a manufacturer and distributor of accessories for the still imaging, video, motion picture and broadcast markets, showcased the new Tiffen Variable ND Filter line at the Consumer Electronics Show last week.

Introduced in August 2011, the high-performance Tiffen Variable ND offers both photographers and videographers convenience in price and performance by combining seven ND filters into one high-performance optical filter. “Good photography is all about controlling light, and the Variable ND allows you to do this with great ease and flexibility. By controlling light, you’re able to control your depth of field and aperture ‚Äî both being integral parts of the creative process,”” says Jill Conrad, product manager for Tiffen.

“”What makes our filter stand out from the rest is the manufacturing. The Tiffen Variable ND is made with high-quality optical glass using Tiffen’s established ColorCore technology. Many variable NDs on the market today use plastic or resin for one or sometimes both of the optical elements. Compared to glass, plastic and resin do not provide optimal image quality.”” In addition to showcasing new Variable ND Filter size options, Tiffen is offering specially priced Digital Light Control Kits ‚Äî a collection of high-performance Tiffen Optical Filters that are ideal for DLSR shooters and videographers. Tiffen Variable ND Filter Incorporating seven ND filters into one, the Tiffen Variable ND Filter is all about versatility and convenience. Designed for use by photographers and videographers, the all-in-one ND filter means more space in the camera bag and less time changing filters when shooting. Jill adds, “”More than a photographic tool for controlling depth of field and exposure, the Tiffen Variable ND is sought after by DSLR shooters as well because it is fast and easy to use. It is small, lightweight, and does not require additional accessories such as a matte box ‚Äî giving outstanding value with unparalleled performance.”” With the Tiffen Variable ND, photographers can: ‚Ä¢ Use slow shutter speeds, with high-speed films or digital cameras, to record movement/image blur in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds or any fast-moving subject. ‚Ä¢ Have full control over depth of field. Users can decrease depth of field by using wider apertures, which help separate subjects from their background (subject matter is in focus while the background is blurred). ‚Ä¢ Shoot high-speed film (above ISO 400) in bright outdoor situations by reducing the effective ISO. ‚Ä¢ Effectively use cine and video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds) to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes that could otherwise cause overexposure. The Tiffen Variable ND filter operates on the same principle as a Circular Polarizer ‚Äî the user rotates it until the desired effect is reached, and then takes the shot. It allows continuous control over the amount of light coming through the lens in an approximate range of two (ND 0.6) to eight (ND 2.4) stops ‚Äî while maintaining the image integrity.

The Tiffen Variable ND filter product highlights include: • Provides two to eight stops of light control • Rotates to whatever density is needed • Indexed for easy adjustment • Thin 9mm profile • Does not require matte box • Wide outer optic helps reduce vignetting, which is common when using filters with wide-angle lenses • Saves expense of multiple ND filters • Manufactured with Tiffen ColorCore Technology (the filter material is laminated between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to a tolerance of .0001 inch and then mounted in a precision aluminium ring) • Black aluminium filter ring • Ships in a padded black nylon pouch with micro fibre cleaning cloth • 10-year warranty • Made in the USA

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