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CES 2012: Android comes to Walkman



Sony today revealed the new Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player, the Z1000 Series. This Walkman is one of the first MP3 players from Sony to run Android 2.3, features Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to share content between the Walkman and DLNA TVs, PCs and speakers.

Featuring a quick response and anti-reflective 4.3-inch multi-touch LCD touch screen, the Walkman Z Player display is perfect for enjoying music, video and games on a large screen.

Superior Audio Experience

With legendary premium sound, the Walkman Z Player features the integrated S-Master MX digital amplifier to greatly reduce noise levels and distortion along with additional audio technologies to create an enriched music experience.

By touching the W.button, users can effortlessly launch the music player application for full playback control and intuitively browse their music collection or enjoy on-screen visualizations. Imagine being able to play music based on your mood. With SenseMe, users keep their music in tune with their mood by automatically categorizing music tracks into different channels.

Rich Entertainment

The new Walkman Z Player serves as a portal to mobile entertainment. Tailored for music lovers, by music lovers, the Walkman Z Player is the first MP3 player from Sony powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). With WiFi built in, users can access the Android Market place, browse the Internet, check e-mail and enjoy a variety of digital content.

Music lovers will have access to over 10 million songs with Sony Entertainment Network’s cloud-based Music Unlimited Service. Users are able to discover new music, sync their own library to the cloud and even enjoy channels synched for off-line use. Walkman Z offers easy transfer from iTunes 2 for Windows or Windows Media Player.

Share your Content

The Walkman Z Player is more than just a music player. Users can throw personal content from the Walkman screen direct to their DLNA enabled TV’s, PC’s and speakers. In addition, users can experience expanded connectivity by hooking their Walkman up to the TV via a micro HDMI video output port for enjoyment of videos, games and photos. The ability to connect to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, hi-fi systems or car stereos is also useful at home or on the go.

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