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CES 2010: RIM introduces the BlackBerry Presenter

The mobile professional is always looking for ways to carry less equipment around with him. A notebook, mini projector and a BlackBerry phone are usually the devices he would carry around with him. However, the BlackBerry Presenter which was announced at CES 2010 allows him to leave his notebook and mini projector at home or in the office.

Users can finally feel free to leave their laptop behind when going to deliver a presentation. Research In Motion (RIM) recently introduced the BlackBerry Presenter, the latest accessory for BlackBerry smart-phones. BlackBerry Presenter is a small and light device that easily plugs into a projector or monitor, then lets the user display a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation wirelessly from their BlackBerry smartphone.

‚Mobile professionals are always looking to carry less when travelling,‚ said Glenn Laxdal, vice president, product management at Research In Motion. ‚The BlackBerry Presenter equips mobile professionals with a simple, secure and convenient way to deliver presentations directly from their BlackBerry smartphone, giving them the freedom to leave their laptops behind.‚

BlackBerry Presenter gives users easy control of their presentations, allowing them to navigate their presentations, view speaker notes, loop presentation slides and even reference information on one slide while displaying another. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection between the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry Presenter, users can also walk around freely while presenting (supports roaming up to 30 feet between the devices).

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