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CES 2010: Pacinian showcases HapticTouch surface technology

Pacinian, a manufacture of tactile feedback solutions believes that the proper implementation of these devices will lead to better performance, a reduction of errors and a better user experience.

Pacinian, a manufacture of advanced haptic (tactile) response solutions for a improved user experience, showcased its new applications of its HapticTouch Surface Actuation technology at CES in Las Vegas. Pacinian demonstrated a range of embedded haptic solutions for touch pads, touch screens, keyboards, and other touch surfaces.

Pacinian’s Surface Actuation solution delivers nearly instantaneous tactile response at the point of touch interaction. The result is said to be a more intuitive and satisfying user experience. Studies have shown that haptic feedback can improve performance, reduce errors, and enhance user interaction in a wide array of products and applications including gaming, mobile phones, automotive controls, personal computers, and peripherals.

‚There has been an incredible response and interest in our development of Surface Actuation technology from OEMs and touch providers,‚ said Jim Schlosser, CEO of Pacinian. ‚CES is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of our high fidelity haptics to market leaders across a broad range of industries.‚

Pacinian’s HapticTouch Surface Actuation solution utilises a proprietary controller design in conjunction with a thin active layer that can be adapted to a broad range of surface materials, sizes, and form factors. This configuration provides direct actuation of the surface, and does not require the complex mechanical integration of motors or solenoids of vibration-based haptic solutions. There are several advantages to the HapticTouch solution over other haptic technologies:

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