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CeBIT 2010: Modernise and digitise

“Public Sector Parc”” was a special display at CeBIT 2010 devoted to issues of relevance to the “”modern citizen””. This is because innovative IT solutions are increasingly beneficial not only to communication between citizens and public administration, but also to many aspects of everyday life. Public Sector Parc featured a broad array of topics, asking questions and sketching out solutions, in a perfect mesh with the “”Connected Worlds”” keynote theme at this year’s CeBIT.

“”Citizens, civil servants and business executives alike can experience a host of new innovations here, along with topics like the benefits of the new electronic ID card plus the substantial communication improvements to be expected vis-√†-vis interactions with public administration once the new EU Services Directive is implemented,”” commented Ernst Raue, Managing Board Member of Deutsche Messe in Hannover.

Highlights at Public Sector Parc: the electronic ID card and interactive online services

Some 26 million Germans aged 14 or older use online services to interact with public administration, according to a recent survey by the high-tech association BITKOM. This figure represents 52 percent of all Internet users in Germany. “”Government agencies and offices which offer interactive online services receive high marks,”” declared BITKOM President Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer. Interactive online services help citizens save extra trips and waiting time, since citizens can take advantage of an array of government services independent of official opening hours. One of the main attention-grabbers at Public Sector Parc during CeBIT 2010 will involve the display by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Printing Office with regard to the introduction of the electronic identity card. Presentations and demonstrations will inform citizens on IT-based government services, including the opportunity to submit applications online, with ample opportunity to debate the pros and cons of the growing wave of digitalisation.

“”Citizens Meet Administrators””: Special display highlights vital public administration themes on Saturday at CeBIT

Visitors to the “”Citizens Meet Administrators”” special display can see how fast, easy and efficient communication with government offices can be. This event is targeted at citizens, companies and civil servants who are interested in finding out about the latest developments in pubic administration. Guided tours will offer visitors a glimpse into the future of modern public administration, featuring services involving people and businesses as well as learning and education. Public Sector Parc will moreover offer extensive information on the topic of data protection and data security.

Geoinformation market in motion

The geoinformation sector is characterized by rapid growth and rapidly developing technology. This cross-sectional technology is primarily employed to optimize business and administrative processes. Apart from private-sector activities to erect local, national and international geodata networks, municipalities, federal states and the federal government itself (within the scope of eGovernment activities) have come to recognize the economic significance of geo-information. People visiting Public Sector Parc can learn about the entire purpose of geodata and find out about the myriad applications – for example developing residential subdivisions or performing disaster control. Along with a forum program, networking and guided tours, the “”Speed Dating GeoBusiness”” event on Wednesday at CeBIT will round out the special display.

EU Services Directive: Standardised citizens service line and expansion of broadband network to promote enhanced efficiency

Further topics involving the optimisation of communication between citizens and public administration were featured at CeBIT 2010, for example the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles thanks to the EU Services Directive (EU DLR) and the standardised citizens service line D115, which is designed to bring improvements for citizens – whether this involves an appointment at the civil registry office or questions about child benefits.

Nearly all of the services featured at Public Sector Parc stand to benefit from the latest plans to expand the broadband network – above all in rural parts of Germany.

Career novices and people looking for a career change should take advantage of the opportunity provided by Public Sector Parc to find out more about the advantages of a career in government, including public sector enterprises and institutions. Interesting work opportunities abound here, not least due to the growing employment of state-of-the-art ICT technology.

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