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Castrol launches solar Auto Service

Workshop owners are being equipped to navigate the transition to solar power seamlessly.

Workshop owners are being equipped to navigate the transition to solar power seamlessly.

Lubricant manufacturer Castrol has branded its first solar Castrol Auto Service, in partnership with a workshop owner in Northcliff.  The alliance marks the first in a series of Castrol Auto Service solar installations planned throughout South Africa.

“Castrol provides strategic expertise to empower independent workshop (IWS) partners to successfully navigate a constantly changing economy,” says Melanie Van Straaten, sales director at Castrol. “As we embark on a journey to establish a series of branded solar installations across the nation, our mission is clear: to guarantee uninterrupted business operations for Castrol’s Auto Service workshops during power outages and loadshedding.”

A solar-powered future for businesses

In 2022, South Africa witnessed a remarkable surge in small-scale solar installations. This unprecedented increase in solar photovoltaic (PV) adoption underscores the attractiveness and viability of solar energy for both households and businesses. It also reflects a growing awareness of the environmental and economic benefits associated with renewable energy sources.

Castrol’s workshop owners are equipped to navigate the transition to solar power seamlessly, sustain their operations and ensure business continuity. 

Castrol Auto Service Staff

Peter Evgeniou, owner of the Castrol Auto Service in Northcliff, says: “The solar installation at Castrol Auto Car Service is highly valuable. It ensures smooth business operations during load shedding and reduces utility bills, which is crucial for long-term sustainability. 

“This exemplifies how businesses can make a positive impact on the environment while improving their bottom line. We look forward to seeing more IWS partners embrace solar energy and contribute to a greener South Africa.”

The automotive industry is experiencing transformation as consumer perceptions evolve and the demand for higher quality services increases. Recognising this shifting landscape and the substantial investment that comes with owning a vehicle, Castrol’s Auto Service programme is designed to partner with independent established workshop owners and build a network of trusted Castrol branded workshops.

The Castrol Auto Service programme offers comprehensive support to businesses, encompassing engine warranty, branding, and training. The IWS structure has been developed to enrich value proposition and ensure that customers receive reliable, high-quality services.

To qualify to become a partner, you need to be a South African local workshop owner approved by the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) and Motor Industry Worksop Association (MIWA). 

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