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Brits want iPad – but can’t afford it

In its annual Christmas shopping survey, Twenga, the next-generation shopping search engine, asked internet users what presents they most wanted this Christmas. Top on wish lists this year is one product in particular, the iPad.

Over half (56%) of the Brits surveyed said that they were wishing for an iPad this Christmas. However, 40% still feel that it’s too expensive to have any hope of one ending up in their stocking.

The iPad’s popularity is also apparent in Spain and France, where 64% and 60% respectively, said that they would like an iPad. Italian users were even more hopeful, with 69% crossing their fingers for one this Christmas.

However, in Germany and the Netherlands, only 41% and 40% respectively, had Apple’s tablet computer on their Christmas wish lists.

With regards to the price, other countries in Europe seem to share the British sentiment that the iPad, despite its appeal, is simply too expensive. Again, Spanish and Italian users feel most strongly, with 48% and 47% respectively, considering the price too high for their budgets.

Would you like to receive the much talked about iPad for Christmas?

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