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Brilliant Quicken 2002 Deluxe

Brilliant Business Systems recently launched the latest release of its Quicken personal finance package, the Quicken 2002 Deluxe edition. STEVEN CHIABERTA was curious to see what this version would come up with.

There’s no real difference here between this program and its rivals. Give-or-take a few minutes in installation time, it is ready to use immediately – and with the added bonus of your not having to waste hours or days working out how to use it.

I know I raved about its ease-of-use earlier, but I forgot another feature: there is also a Process Bar in all centres that guide you through the program – so even truly clueless users will quickly learn their way around. There really is no reason for anyone to battle to use this program and this surely gives it a competitive edge.

Most definitely. There are many fundamental functions that a product like this needs to perform and the 2002 Deluxe fulfills its obligations admirably. It promises a lot and it delivers a lot. It is certainly on a par with its competition.

To an extent, although in fairness there is probably only so much that a personal finance product can do. While its new features will not blow you away, they do add value in a fairly original way.

The Quicken 2002 Deluxe has a recommended retail price of R600. Looking at the prices of some competing products, this is reasonably expensive. However, it will no doubt save the individual and the SOHO a lot of money in the long run and from this perspective it does an excellent job, making it worth its price tag.

Quicken 2002 Deluxe is available directly from Brilliant Business Systems. Tel: (011) 291-7475. It is also available at all major software stores, including Incredible Connection. Tel: (011) 788-4715 Visit for more information on this and other Brilliant products available countrywide.

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