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Aquaman steps out of the water …

Braven is a film about a tree logger named Joe Braven (Jason Momoa) and his family: his wife (Jill Wagner), daughter (Sasha Rossof), and Alzheimer’s-suffering father (Stephen Lang). Joe suggests to his friend that he uses Joe’s family cabin to rest during a long ice road journey, but his friend declines. Joe and his father decide to go to the seemingly empty cabin to talk about options for dealing with his father’s Alzheimer’s disease and they encounter some unexpected guests.

Jason Momoa steps out of the fantasy realm of his Aquaman role and his successful Dothraki character in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and into the action role of Joe Braven in Braven. While this movie is a B-grade action film, it becomes evident that Momoa is a brilliant action actor. He shows a consistent commitment to protecting his family and fighting off thugs, similar to the attitude of John Wick. Momoa is not the only strong character, as the film makes room for a similarly strong female character, Braven’s wife, as she uses a bow and arrow to defend her daughter. Overall, the film has a mix of action and suspense throughout. – Bryan Turner

Braven is available on DVD from most entertainment retail outlets. It is supplied by Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment.

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