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Branded Internet slashes ADSL rates

Branded Internet, a company that specialises in providing wholesale, white label Internet service provider (ISP) solutions to top South African brands, has slashed its wholesale rates for ADSL bandwidth to as low as R8 per gigabyte.

What is different about this offering is that unlike other wholesale providers, Branded Internet also includes end user support, end user billing and end user email in as a part of the product.

‚With this latest reduction in our bandwidth prices, we’re enabling our partners to give their clients ADSL access at the lowest rates in the market even after they apply a healthy profit margin,‚ says Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet. ‚Investments in our own infrastructure, coupled with changes in the telecom competitive landscape, have enabled us to drive costs down and create the lowest cost service in the country. A rapidly growing market for us is the traditional small to medium sized ADSL reseller ISP who might previously have re-sold products from one of the incumbents. We’re seeing a lot of these resellers moving their entire ISP over to our platform not only for our extremely competitive pricing and service, but also because we take care of the tough part of being an ISP, which is end user support and billing‚ continues Terner.

Branded Internet empowers ADSL resellers, computer dealers, consumer brands and other organisations to provide ISP services to their customer’s, loyalty program members or their employees. The company provides these organisations with a fast and reliable ISP service that they can offer to clients under their own brands, all backed up with administration, billing and professional helpdesk services. Companies that partner with Branded Internet can provide ISP services without investing in any ISP staff or infrastructure of their own. For existing ISPs that move over to Branded Internet’s platform this translates into significant cost savings and higher profits, as well as often unaccounted for human resource and time savings.

‚Many South African companies are achieving a wealth of benefit from providing branded Internet services to their clients, including brand extension and new revenue streams,‚ says Terner. ‚They can keep ownership of their customer base rather than ceding it to a third party. Because we provide a fully-outsourced white label solution, there are no service and support headaches for our clients.‚

Branded Internet tailors the look and feel of the service to each company’s needs and brand. The company will even build an ISP Web site reflecting the client’s brand look and feel as well as provide marketing support to the client as it rolls out the service out to its customer base.

Branded Internet has partnered on an independent ADSL network, and is able to offer its brand partners strictly the highest service levels. Some companies that have partnered with Branded Internet to offer ISP services include Musica, Edgars Club, Momentum Multiply, Sahara Computers, Huge Telecom and Sanlam Reality.

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