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Bluetooth for Pro drivers now comes to consumers

The ‚Tough Tested‚ series of Bluetooth headsets designed for, and previously marketed exclusively to the professional driver market was launched into the consumer electronics market yesterday. The consumer-friendly version is being demonstrated at CES 2011 this week.

Mizco International ( yesterday unveiled for the first time to the consumer electronics channel its Cellular Innovations ‚Tough Tested‚ series of Bluetooth headsets. Designed for, and previously marketed exclusively to the professional driver market, Tough Tested headsets will now be offered to the CE market. The company is demonstrating both the LYTE COMM 737 and PRO BOOM 747 models at CES 2011.

‚These are not your average Bluetooth headsets,‚ asserted Sam Mizrahi, Executive Vice President of Cellular Innovations. ‚Both the LYTE COMM 737 and PRO BOOM 747 are professional mono headsets designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the exacting usage requirements of professional drivers, and no doubt there are many consumers who will appreciate the added features and durabilty of these headsets. Both models feature 10X noise canceling technology, DSP dual mic technology, background noise reduction, and a 180-degree flex boom mic. Each model also delivers 6-hours of talk time and up to 250-hours of stand-by time.‚

Indeed, one performance evaluation of the Tough Tested Series reveals just how much they are designed for professional use. In addition to incorporating Bluetooth V2.0 technology + EDR compliant class 2 10X noise canceling technology and a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, the headsets also feature a Boom Mic, Adjustable Mic Stem, Adjustable Headband, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Voice Activated Dialing, One-Touch Call Answer/End, as well as a USB Travel Charger and USB Cable.

‚More importantly, the Tough Tested Series is designed to maximize user comfort and flexibility,‚ Mizrahi explained. ‚Both headsets feature extra padding because professional drivers will wear them for long periods of time. The adjustable mic stem can literally be twisted in any position without risk of breaking it. The headset volume and answer/end call controls are designed for easy access while driving and the entire frame is designed to take a beating inside the cab of a truck, van, or limousine. There’s not much a professional driver can do to the Cellular Innovations Tough Tested Series that we haven’t already done to them in the course of product development!‚

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