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Bluetooth connection secrets revealed

Bluetooth, the short-range wireless technology built into your BlackBerry smartphone, lets you connect your smartphone to Bluetooth devices like wireless headsets, hands-free car kits, the BlackBerry Music Gateway, or the BlackBerry Presenter.

Connecting to a Bluetooth device is generally easy and automatic. Follow these tips to get started.

How to set up Bluetooth connections

To connect your BlackBerry smartphone to a Bluetooth device, you must:

· Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth technology on your BlackBerry smartphone and the Bluetooth device

· Step 2: Pair the two devices. Pairing establishes a relationship between your BlackBerry smartphone and the device: it usually needs to be done only once.

· Step 3: Connect to a paired Bluetooth-enabled device. After you have paired the two devices, you can then connect to the Bluetooth device when it is within range of your BlackBerry smartphone (a typical range is within approximately 32 feet/10 meters).

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth technology

On the Home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone, click the Manage Connections icon.

Select the Bluetooth check box.

To power on the Bluetooth device, follow the instructions that came with it.

Step 2: Pair with the Bluetooth device

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