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BlackBerry surfaces again

Some BlackBerry services were restored during the course of Wednesday, but BBM remained down while reports emerged of the outage spreading to North America. And Research in Motion issued another statement.

Reports of Blackberry outages in North America began surfacing on Wednesday afternoon, even as BlackBerry began bringing up some of its services in other regions. E-mail began functioning slowly as the backlog in other regions was addressed, but BBM remained down. Research in Motion (RIM) finally set up a web site to keep users updated, and issued the following statement

“Resolving the technical issues that have interrupted the BlackBerry service over the past three days is our number one priority and we are working night and day to restore all BlackBerry services to normal levels.

“”To keep track of the status of the BlackBerry service, please browse to

“”We will be updating this Web page with the latest news about the restoration of the BlackBerry service.

“”Once again, we apologise to our subscribers for any inconvenience they have suffered as a result of the service interruption.””

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