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BlackBerry apps to transform your pics

RIM has announced a range of photo editing applications for BlackBerry users to download to their smartphones.

Are you the owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone, which boasts a five megapixel camera that captures sharp and vibrant images? Then head for the BlackBerry App World to download some great apps that will make your happy-snapping even happier.

These apps will enhance your photo-taking experience by letting you edit your pics, add cool effects to your photos, turn your phone into a digital photo frame and so much more.


Add a range of cool or comical effects to your photos with PhotoClub. Adjust your photos, add Clipart, add frames, add effects and add custom elements to make your pics look funnier or just plain better.

For more information visit:

Photo Editor

If you’re not 100% happy with a pic you took, you can edit it, adjust the brightness level, crop it, rotate it or recolour it, to make it perfect before you send it to your friends and family.

For more information visit:


MiniFrames lets you decorate your photos with a custom frame to make them look beautiful and unique.

For more information visit:


MiniPaint is one of the most complete image editing apps ideal for the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Features include rotation, scaling and resizing, cropping, clipart, text, and image filters. You can even send your photos to Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones directly from MiniPaint. For more information visit:


iGallery allows you to play photo slideshows automatically and turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a digital photo frame.

For more information visit:

PixTrix for BlackBerry

PixTrix for BlackBerry is a simple app that allows you to apply photographic filters to your photos and share them with your friends. Link the app to your Facebook profile to directly upload the altered photos to your profile.

For more information visit:

Camera Plus

Camera Plus lets you capture, preview and email up to 25 photos or 5000kb worth of data.

For more information visit:

Photo Album And Diary

Easily sort all of the photos on your BlackBerry smartphone into albums with titles and detailed notes for each pic. You can easily export one of your albums into a single email.

For more information visit:

Face Lift

Ever wonder what your dad would look like with a long nose or your best friend with a short, stubby chin? Manipulate your pics with this fun app to find out.

For more information visit:


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