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Big messaging for small business

Business Connexion and ARC Telecoms have developed an integrated communication and messaging solution for SMEs called Business Messaging.

In line with its recent commercial agreement, Business Connexion and ARC Telecoms have developed an integrated communication and messaging solution for Small and Medium sized Businesses (SME) called Business Messaging.

Business Messaging delivers a fully Hosted Exchange solution with additional email services such as archiving and security. It provides users with access to the latest versions of Microsoft’s Exchange Server and eliminates the requirement for and costs associated with owning and managing on-site exchange servers.

‚Business Messaging is delivered via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, this allows customers to worry less about security patches, software updates and upgrades, monitoring, backups, and other IT headaches. They can just sign in and leave the IT admin work to someone else,‚ elaborates ARC Telecoms CEO Steve Briggs.

‚SMEs know all about doing more with less. They are under constant pressure to remain profitable while competing with much larger companies to meet customer demands for high quality, low prices, and outstanding service,‚ says John Jenkins, Chief Executive: Services Group at Business Connexion. ‚ARC Telecoms’ business model is focused on the SME space, therefore it seemed fitting we partner with them on the Business Messaging range targeted at the SME,‚ explains Jenkins.

Business Messaging gives the SME business owner peace of mind in a sense that they do not have to manage any systems, and there is 24/7 availability with a guaranteed uptime of 99% across the hosted platform. ‚This means less IT nuisances and potential dramas for the SME business owner, and productive, efficient staff who are never without email. Another big SME-specific bonus of Business Messaging is the cost savings associated with the model,‚ explains Briggs.

Business Messaging can be accessed from any device, anywhere, as users simply log into their company or individual account via the cloud. An additional benefit is that Business Messaging is delivered as SaaS, so all mail is archived securely in the Business Connexion’s TierIV data centre based in Midrand, billed the most advanced outsourcing data centre in Africa. If a laptop was to get stolen, all emails, archived and current, could be accessed from any other device, delivering seamless continuity and integration.

‚There are no hardware or software purchases required and no training for employees. This is a big plus for smaller businesses that are always looking to save where they can. Business Messaging is also flexible and scalable: companies pay a monthly , per user fee and you can increase or decrease the number of people on the Business Messaging Service when required,‚ further explains Briggs.

Business Messaging Services is built on familiar Microsoft technology such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Communications Server, and Windows SharePoint Services, and is provided to SMEs from a hosted environment. Business Messaging can be accessed through Office Outlook, while products like Windows Mobile and Microsoft Office Communicator provide additional features.

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