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Beware these Facebook scams

Facebook has become a major target of malware and scams. Heard of Like-hacking? Click-jacking? A handy infographic explains it all…

With more than 900 million registered accounts, Face¬≠book is the largest social network in the world. For many people it has become the primary medium for sharing ideas and interacting with friends. It is also becoming a booming attack ground for malware authors and scammers. By taking advantage of the users’ trust in their network of relationships, they are spreading malicious code and sending spam messages. Most of the attacks that we currently see use social engineering tricks to spread their messages to thousands of users. Besides reposting spam messages to friends, this can lead to scam surveys or malicious sites.

The Infographic below, compiled by Norton, indicates the scams and spams to avoid on Facebook.

* Should you be unable to read the infographic, try adjusting your Internet browser’s zoom option or right-click on the image and save it to your hard drive.

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