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Beware of ‘cloud-wash’



In addition, when updates are managed manually there is more room for human error. With native cloud applications, all updates are done automatically with no manual intervention, which eliminates errors and ensures that businesses will always be compliant.

“PaySpace, for example, has developed legislation for more than 40 countries, and thousands of customers access the same instance of the software in a true multi-tenant application,” Crous adds.

In terms of data security, certain native cloud applications, such as PaySpace, will have advantages, such as ISO27001 Security Standards as well as multi-factor authentication that offers a business additional layers of security.

Another area where hosted solutions fall flat, is that they tend to be more labour intensive and really offer dated technology filtered through the cloud. 

“With native cloud software, you are guaranteed to have the latest and best technology at your fingertips and realise the benefits of this. The same number of people in a team can work more efficiently, thanks to seamless API integration enabling automation of previously manual tasks, allowing employees from the payroll department through to IT to focus on their core, productive work.”

Then there is the question of cost savings, she says. 

“Do not be fooled by simply switching to a monthly fixed subscription amount, as true cloud applications will bill according to the actual usage instead of splitting annual licence fee amounts into monthly invoices. You pay for what you use; no more, no less.”

Crous says one of the most compelling benefits of native cloud solutions is that it allows for seamless scaling, which boosts efficiency and reduces costs. 

“With true cloud solutions, you never have to physically build capacity and you can scale up and down, adding thousands of employees if needed in a matter of seconds, with no need to change software applications or upgrade hardware.”

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