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BCX rewards high-tech innovators

The fifth annual Digital Innovation Awards included AI, blockchain, health, and learning solutions among the winners.

Ground-breaking innovations displayed by some of South Africa’s most imaginative enterprises, SMEs, and the public sector were rewarded at the weekend’s BCX Digital Innovation Awards (DIA) 2023.

Jan Bouwer, chief of solutions, and innovation sponsor at BCX, said of the awards, presented during the Sunday Times Top 100 event: “In this digital era, where innovative technologies are sculpting the business and public landscapes, we encounter challenges that, with a proactive approach, can transform into opportunities. Navigating this intricate terrain demands staying intimately connected with our customers and citizens to consistently challenge established norms by leveraging technology.”

The top nine winners for the DIA 2023 were:

SME Sector Winners:

The Best Overall in this category is:

  • Medsol AI Solutions

Medsol AI Solutions has developed an innovative tool using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect breast cancer using wireless ultrasound probes in rural South Africa and reducing the detection-to-admission process of breast cancer from 6 months to 1 to 2 weeks,

The Best in Technology in this category is:

  • Momint

Momint’s innovation harnesses the power of blockchain technology to facilitate crowd-sourced investments in solar power.  This innovation effectively bridges the gap between individuals eager to invest in solar initiatives and companies in need of investors for their solar projects.

The Best in Society and Sustainability is this category is:

  • CareConnect

CareConnect’s Health Information Exchange is a digital system that hosts patient information providing patients with control over sharing their data with relevant service providers. The innovation addresses a crucial gap in the healthcare ecosystem, improving patient care and enhancing information accuracy.

Public Sector Winners:

•  The Best Overall in this category is:

  • SARS

SARS has elevated its service offerings through the introduction of an automated assessment system for personal income tax. The recognition for this achievement stems from SARS’s innovative approach to self-assessment removing the manual process for income tax submissions.

•  The Best in Technology in this category is:

  • eThekwini

eThekwini has established a comprehensive data lake, consolidating all information for the purpose of digitisation, automation, and data visualisation.  This innovation utilises a consolidation of data in a comprehensive data lake, elevating data-driven decision-making to optimise resource utilisation and ultimately enhancing the lives of citizens.

•  The Best in Society and Sustainability is this category is:

  • The Johannesburg Public Library

The Joburg Public Library has introduced a mobile eLearning platform aimed at enhancing reading skills and literacy. This initiative provides learners with the convenience of using a mobile platform to enhance their reading skills. The recognition for this initiative stems from the library’s innovative approach to addressing the fundamental educational requirement of improving literacy in South Africa.

Corporate Sector Winners:

•  The Best Overall in this category is:

  • Netcare

Netcare has streamlined records management through the implementation of an electronic medical record system, alleviating paperwork burdens for both patients and service providers. The recognition for this achievement stems from Netcare seamlessly integrating patient data across their hospitals, pharmacies, and doctor networks.

•  The Best in Technology in this category is:

  • ABSA

ABSA’s Customer Engagement innovation introduces Data Analytics Predictive Modelling, a state-of-the-art approach to customer experience. The recognition for this achievement is attributed to ABSA’s use of technology in customising and tailoring engagements with their customers through hyper-personalisation, enhancing their experience with ABSA.

•  The Best in Society and Sustainability in this category is:

  • Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun has launched a free online learning platform, providing low-bandwidth access to internationally recognised Microsoft certifications. The recognition for this initiative is the cost-effective reach of underserved rural communities and the upskilling of rural youth in Microsoft related software. 

Bouwer concludes with heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We extend our thanks to all participants for being part of this inspiring initiative. Let this celebration of innovation, progress, and limitless potential inspire many others to innovate and transform our country into an Innovation Hub for the continent.”

The BCX Innovation Awards, initiated in 2019 and runs annually, stands as a testament to fostering and acknowledging outstanding innovations. Stay tuned for the announcement of the opening entries for 2024 —because the journey of innovation never rests!

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