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Banking future: the tweetnote

ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK delivered a presentation on the role of social media, smart devices and apps in the future of banking at the Banking Outlook Africa 2012 conference in Sandton today. This is the Twitter version of his talk.

The following is a tweetnote (a presentation in 10 tweets) of my talk @Terrapinn #BankingOutlook conference in Sandton.

#BankingOutlook 1. In mid-19th Century, steamship routes made Cape Town one of a few global hubs of financial information

#BankingOutlook 2. By 1898, telegraph was global, Cape sea route lost significance and SA became a financial backwater.

#BankingOutlook 3. Internet means we’re back on map especially Facebook map of inter-connectedness:

#BankingOutlook 4. Sub-Saharan Africa will increase international data capacity from 80Gbps in 2008 to 35,000 Gbps in 2013

#BankingOutlook 5. Proportion of spend on mobile data by the average SA cellphone owner has increased by 50% in18 months.

#BankingOutlook 6. Banking customer share: Absa 32%, FNB 24%, Standard Bank 22%, Capitec 11%, Nedbank 9%. (#Mobility12)

#BankingOutlook 7. Cellphone banking share: FNB 39%, Absa 23%, Standard Bank 19%, Capitec 10%, Nedbank 8%. (#Mobility12)

#BankingOutlook 8. Cellphone banking platforms used: USSD only: 59%: USSD + browser: 95%: browser only: 5%. (#Mobility12)

#BankingOutlook 9. Main transaction in cellphone banking: airtime purchases, by 74%. Account payments: 14%. (#Mobility12)

#BankingOutlook 10. FNB banking app launched July 2011. Standard Bank July 2012. Nedbank August 2012. Absa December 2012.

Thank you for following the tweetnote of my #BankingOutlook presentation. Tweetnote will shortly be available at @GadgetZA

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