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BA pursues Perfect app

British Airways customers on the move can now capture and share their own ideal personalised travel guides and more, with the launch of a new Perfect Day app for iPhones.

It follows last year’s launch of the Perfect Days app on Facebook, which has enabled hundreds of British Airways customers to share how they would spend their Perfect Days in locations around the world flown to by the airline The new easy to use iPhone app integrates and extends the existing Perfect Days service and means customers can now capture their experiences on the move using the unique format. This includes creating reviews or ‚’travel snippets’ using uploaded pictures and a short description, which are tagged to their exact location on Google maps as a 24-hour recommendation. Each itinerary can be quickly saved, edited and shared as a complete Perfect Day with friends, or other travellers, on Facebook or the iPhone app, when they choose. The app contains a Top Perfect Days feature to inspire anyone in each destination. These include Perfect Day’s with the most ‚’likes’, such as A Family Day in Berlin, A Cycling Tour of San Francisco, A Local’s Madrid, Mumbai Musts, Secret Rome, and Paloma Faith’s New York. The app also includes ‚’Meet Me’ function, allowing users to ‚’pin’ and SMS an exact location to meet, making it easier for friends to quickly find the location if they’re in an unfamiliar city or destination. Richard Bowden, British Airways’ digital marketing innovation manager, said: ‚”We’ve taken the Perfect Days social media service a step further by providing an intuitive smartphone app enabling customers to instantly view, capture and share their insider knowledge and travel trips about their favourite places, while they’re in-destination. ‚”Creating an iPhone app that’s integrated with Facebook, ensures creating a Perfect Day is easy and irresistible to share with friends and inspire fellow travellers.‚” Conscious of the cost of using apps while overseas, the free to download iPhone app has been cleverly configured so it can be edited, saved and used offline, and only uploaded to Facebook when customers want. Among the places customers can personalise with their own Perfect Days so far are Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Rome, Florida, the UK and the Caribbean. British Airways worked with the 12th Floor, creative technology agency and with post-graduate students from Ravensbourne, London’s world-class higher education institution in London, which is devoted to innovation in digital media and design, to review and help develop the app functionality. Over the next five years British Airways will be investing more than ¬£5bn in new aircraft, technology and services to help deliver better customer service.

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