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Avoid road hazards this Easter with LBS

If you are one of the many South Africans hitting the road this Easter, consider using Location Based Services (LBS) to avoid any dangers you may encounter while en-route.

If you are one of the many South Africans set to hit the road for the Easter break, consider using location-based services (LBS) to help you navigate any dangers you may encounter en route. These mobile services can be a lifesaver in emergency situations such as a road accident or crime incidents.

LBS services help you stay in touch with your loved ones while in transit and are especially practical if you are travelling at night, need to make an unavoidable trip through a dangerous area, or are embarking on a long journey. ‚”Your cell phone can help you navigate these dangers, if fitted with the correct applications and services. ‚”Location-based services (LBS) on your cell phone can be a lifesaver in potentially dangerous situations‚” says Jacques Swanepoel, Managing Director or Cellfind, a member of Blue Label Telecoms.

By using LBS services like Vodacom look 4 me & MTN WhereRU, your loved ones can checkup on you without the distraction of a phone call while driving. They can request your location by sending a query using SMS, USSD or by visiting a website. Your location is traced by means of triangulation using cellular towers and the information is sent back as text or a map.

Swanepoel says that LBS services like Vodacom look 4 help & MTN 2MyAid turn your cell phone into a panic button, summoning help when you need it most. With the press of an assigned speed dial, your location is established and the information is sent via SMS to your 4 pre-determined emergency contacts.

These services require no additional software, can be accessed from any cell phone and are available at an affordable monthly fee.

Cellfind offers the following additional tips for safe driving with your cell phone this Easter:

· Ensure that your cell phone battery is fully charged before embarking on your journey and consider investing in a car charger

¬∑ Install a hands-free car kit or buy an earpiece so that you can talk safely on your phone while you’re driving

¬∑ Keep your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off if not in use in order conserve your battery while travelling

· Use GPS whether a dedicated device or GPS software for your cell phone, plan your route for long or unfamiliar destinations

Cellfind is South Africa’s specialist in LBS and the only supplier that offers direct, end-to-end LBS services to customers. It is a one-stop provider for a range of products that make life safer and more convenient for South African cellular subscribers.


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