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First armoured Jaguar I-Pace built in SA

South African customer takes delivery of the first electric luxury passenger vehicle to be armoured in South Africa, and the first i-Pace globally.

Armormax,  a maker of luxury armoured vehicles, has handed over an armoured version of the electric Jaguar I-Pace to its owner in South Africa. This is the first Jaguar I-Pace to be armoured globally, as well as the first electric luxury passenger vehicle to be armoured in South Africa.

“This project presented a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and expand our capabilities,” says Armormax MD Grant Anderson. “We immediately involved the technical team at Jaguar Land Rover South Africa to assist and they were fantastic in helping us understand the intricacies of this electric vehicle… we built this car to our high standard despite the challenges and left the base vehicle very much unchanged”.

The armouring package includes the use of the highest-grade ballistic glass for all the windows, as well as patented lightweight synthetic armour in all the doors and panels to provide all-round protection. 

The protection grade on the I-Pace is to level B4, which can withstand attacks from handguns up to a .44 calibre. The tyres have been upgraded to a run-flat system and a PTT intercom system is fitted to communicate with people outside of the car. Both front windows are fully operable.

The materials used are completely custom made to fit, so there is no visual hint that the vehicle has been altered in any way.

Armormax is the only armourer approved by Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, so the standard warranty and maintenance plan are unaffected by the package. With the total weight added being well under 200kg, the performance of the Jaguar has not been heavily affected. 

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