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Are banking apps up to it?

Do banking apps deliver a full banking experience? LIRON SEGEV rates and ranks the functionality of the big four South African banks as they go mobile.

Mobile banking apps in South Africa have seen phenomenal uptake by customers. But are they all things to all bankers? And which financial institution has the best features on its app?

I set out to find out by comparing the features of the various banking apps.

I grouped the features into sections and gave each one a score. 1 point for every feature they have, 0 if they don’t have that feature. I then totaled up the scores to get an overall score.

Note: this is not an indication of which app performs best. This chart is created from my experience and research of features, and is just an indication of which has the most functionality.

When I total up all the section score’s Nedbank comes out tops with 32, followed by ABSA with 26, FNB with 25, RMB with 23, and Standard Bank with 21.

The apps are available here:

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