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AppDate: Trade stocks with a pro

In this AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights Infinox IX Social, Saryx HSEC Online, Trace Academia, Telegram Messenger on Telkom FreeMe and RouteThis Resolve.

Infinox IX Social

In a bid to make stock trading more accessible, trading broker Infinox has launched the IX Social trading platform in South Africa. This allows its clients to socially trade, see what other traders are doing, and follow and engage with them. “Trading can be lonely, and the method of social trading allows users to connect with successful and profitable traders, and copy their trading strategies,” says Dany Mawas, regional director at Infinox. “Once following a certain trader, users will be notified each time they buy or sell stocks,”

Mawas compares IX Social’s functionality to that of other social media platforms, as it allows clients to ‘like’ certain methods of the traders they are following. It also allows them to comment and chat about why a specific stock option was chosen, giving users an insight into successful trader’s strategies. 

Infinox screens traders that use the platform, ensuring that they meet certain criteria before they can offer strategies or share trade ideas with users, which adds an element of security.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit Infinox here to signup and begin trading

Saryx HSEC Online

Saryx Engineering Group’s HSEC Online app is a cloud-based solution that enables an organisation to track and manage health and safety compliance for the company, its people, and equipment. It is accessible on any device and from anywhere.

The app has health, safety and compliance guidelines built into it, allowing HR departments to more easily stay up to date with changes and implement them across the company.

For instance, in terms of POPIA, many companies are still unsure how to become and remain compliant. HSEC Online informs companies as to what needs to be done to remain compliant, including instructions on what documents need to be filed, where they must go and when this should all be done.

Saryx co-founder Julie Mathieson says: “The system is flexible enough to help companies control legal issues, audits, risk management and the required documentation around emergency procedures and organisational safety policies.”

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect to pay: A free download, but with in-app purchases and upgrades.

Stockists: Visit the HSEC Online page here for more information and downloading instructions

Trace Academia

Trace Academia is a free online training platform currently available for young South Africans looking to build their skills.

The courses on offer are created in collaboration with companies, institutions and experts to ensure that the skills provided are well matched to market needs. A localised, interactive and entertaining course format keeps the learner’s attention and improves course completion rate.

At the moment Trace Academia offers the following courses:

 – Get Started with Digital Marketing (Grow with Google)

 – How to Become a DJ (Trace)

 – Spark your Interest in Electricity (Schneider Electric)

 – Become a Successful Entrepreneur (Valued Citizens & UJ)

 – Become a Real Handyman (Leroy Merlin)

 – Own Your Situation (Durex)

Trace Academia is set to be launched in the rest of the world by the end of this year, with more courses being added on a monthly basis.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: Free to use.

Stockists: Visit Trace Academia here for enrolment and installation instructions

Telegram Messenger on Telkom FreeMe

Telkom has added Telegram Messenger to its FreeMe offering on both postpaid plans and prepaid bundles. Telkom will retain WhatsApp, which was added in March 2020, with WhatsApp calling and data being a FreeMe selling point. 

Telkom has extended Telegram Messenger to the following products:

  • Legacy and new FreeMe plans
  • Legacy and new FreeMe TopUp plans
  • FreeMe Family plans
  • FreeMe Share 36GB, FreeMe Share 58GB and FreeMe Share Unlimited
  • FreeMe Prepaid bundles

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit the Telegram Messenger page here for downloading and installation instructions

RocketNet RouteThis Resolve

RocketNet has launched RouteThis Resolve, which allows ISP service agents to find and diagnose WiFi issues.

RouteThis Resolve assists technicians in identifying issues associated with physical infrastructures, like dead spots, network configurations, device issues and wireless capability. The LiveView feature offers the ability to eliminate problems causing a slow internet connection. These could include cabling, interference or issues from other equipment such as TVs and radios.

Unlike some existing solutions, RouteThis Resolve uses real-time home network diagnostics to suggest optimal resolution paths and automatically implements a step-by-step process to resolve a problem. 

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: Pricing is only available once a package has been selected

Stockists: Visit RouteThis here to sign up and download the application.

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