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AppDate: Draw Something on a Nokia Asha

In this roundup of the latest apps, SEAN BACHER focuses on Draw Something for Nokia Asha, the SessionBand app for iOS, RiskFlow CashFlow optimiser for individuals, Crazy Taxi, the new native Bluetooth support in the BlackBerry 10 OS and the Man of Steel game for Windows Phone 8.

Draw Something for Nokia Asha

The popular Draw Something social game that has been available on a range of smartphones is finally available for Nokia Asha devices that use touchscreens. The game gives the user a word that needs to be illustrated so that friends can guess what the word is. It can be played co-operatively with friends, or competitively with rivals. Features include push notifications and colour packs that turn simple doodles into rich masterpieces. So far, the game has produced 7-billion drawings across the world.

Platform: Nokia Asha phones using the Series 40 Full Touch Operating System.

Stockists: Download from Nokia Store on an Asha device.

Expect to pay: R24.


SessionBand is a chord-based audio loop app, meaning users create their own music by selecting and joining chords together and then converting them into editable audio loops. Thousands of audio loops are recorded by some of the world’s best musicians, allowing users to create professional sounding tracks without playing a single note. When users install the app, the content is downloaded to their devices, letting them create music without having to connect to the Internet. Users have the option of downloading SessionBand Jazz, SessionBand Piano and SessionBand Acoustic.

Platform: iOS.

Stockists: Apple App Store.

Expect to pay: R90 for SessionBand Jazz and R60 for SessionBand Piano and Acoustic.

RiskFlow CashFlow optimiser for individuals

The RiskFlow CashFlow optimiser for individuals is an easy-to-use financial forecasting application. It contains built-in intelligence, allowing the user to view the impact of any financial decision on his or her cash flow and future net worth position. The app is easy to install and, once set up, will be able to predict your future financial status depending on your current expenditure.

Platform: Android and iOS.

Stockists: Visit

Expect to pay: R10 per month.

Native Bluetooth support for BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have announced native support in the BlackBerry 10 operating system for Bluetooth Smart Ready, an enabler of easy connectivity between Bluetooth Smart devices. This integration allows into the BlackBerry 10 platform allows developers to easily incorporate Bluetooth Smart functionality into their BlackBerry 10 applications.

Platform: BlackBerry OS10

Stockists: Development tools are available from

Expect to pay: Free to download.

Crazy Taxi

Sega’s Crazy Taxi made its d√©but as an arcade game, moved onto a console and then arrived on iOS. Finally, it is available for Android users. The game lets users speed through the streets of San Francisco, collecting and delivering passengers in the most hair-raising way possible. Two game modes are available, each with a range of mini-games to prolong the action. Admittedly, there is no real point to the game, but it is a great way to kill time while sitting in the back of a taxi waiting to get to your destination.

Platform: Android.

Stockists: Google Play Store.

Expect to pay: R60.

Man of Steel app

Nokia’s exclusive Man of Steel app for Windows Phone 8 brings all the excitement and entertainment of the movie to Lumia phones. Users can play up to five different challenges over 4 game chapters and unlock wallpapers, ringtones and DC Comics digital comic books. Movie trailers can also be viewed, with comments by other fans on the movie. The game also makes use of Nokia Here Maps, helping users find a cinema that is screening the movie.

Platform: Windows Phone 8.

Stockists: Select the Nokia Collections option on the Windows Phone Store.

Expect to pay: Free to download.

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