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Sean Bacher

AppDate: App takes control of travel expenses

In his round-up of the latest apps, SEAN BACHER highlights Expensify, Vizify, Pastel My Business for Windows Phone 8 and the latest version of the Nedbank App Suite.

Expensify for iPhone

After a business trip, the last thing a traveller wants to do is sit down with a stack of receipts and an expense report form. With Expensify, things are made a lot easier as users simply log their expenses as and when they are incurred. Once downloaded, the app is really easy to use. It synchronises with a credit card to keep track of purchases in real-time and paper receipts and stubs can be scanned in via the iPhone’s camera. Once back from a business trip, the user hits the compile button and creates a PDF to claim expenses.

Platform: iOS

Stockists: Apple App Store.

Expect to pay: A free download.


The Vizify app lets users create graphical biographies of themselves by giving it access to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts. The app builds and displays various data sets, like the time of day a user tweets the most, what they tweet about and who their top followers are. A Vizify profile will display where a user lives, which school they attended and where they work. A short video can be created, giving viewers an insight into who and what you are making it a great addition to a résumé.

Platform: Web-based application.

Stockists: Visit

Expect to pay: Free to download.

Pastel My Business for Windows Phone 8

With the Pastel My Business app, users can log on from wherever they are for an up-to-date, bird’s eye view of their business. The app lets users view customer information, check their due and overdue notes, process quotes and invoices and e-mail these directly to customers. This accounting app is developed locally by Sage Pastel and is designed for SME and start-up businesses.

Platform: Windows Phone 8.

Stockists: Windows Phone Store.

Expect to pay: Free to download.

Nedbank App Suite version 2.0

Weeks after Nedbank won the Best Android Consumer App at the MTN App of the Year awards with its Nedbank App Suite, the company has released an upgraded version. The new release provides customers with features like an enhanced on-device enrolment process for retail banking and a Secure Inbox that lets Nedbank send secure messages and notifications to its clients. The new version also features a Market Watchlist, which provides customers with the ability to monitor changes in share prices of stocks listed on the JSE.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Blackberry and certain feature phones.

Stockists: Visit the store linked to your device.

Expect to pay: Free to download.

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