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An app designed to keep you awake while driving called Drivia has just been released. Driva is a voice activated mobile trivia app that allows drivers to interact with their smartphones without ever having to look at the screen.

Drivia is the first interactive App designed to help drivers stay awake on the road. It is an entertaining trivia game based on voice recognition capabilities that asks the driver questions and provides feedback on whether or not the answers are correct. Drivia is targeted at drivers that have become increasingly bored and tired due to spending long hours on the road. The app reacts differently based on each driver´s fatigue level, interacting through a voice only system to keep the driver awake and alert.

The idea came to mind when Eldad Ben Tora was making his way home one night and the driver in the car in front of him started to doze off, almost causing an accident by hitting the car in the opposite lane.

Being well aware of the threat posed by drivers fatigue, not only to him, but to millions of drivers every day, an idea came to mind: ‚Why not create an app that will make the driver stay alert while focusing on the road?”. At the same time, Assaf Mayer Yitzhaki, now Drivia¬¥s co-founder, had an idea while traveling in Australia on a 9 hour bus trip from Sydney. The driver started using radio songs as a trivia game to keep his passengers entertained and thus help him stay awake and alert.

This is the concept behind Drivia, an App that enables drivers to play with their Smartphone without having to look at it, enabling them to focus on the road while staying awake, alert and arriving safely to their destination.

Many mobile app companies have tried to address the issue of driver fatigue and safety by creating Apps that work like alarm clocks, play constant music or even work as a voice recognition device for sending text messages while driving. Drivia combines driver safety and entertainment.

The majority of traffic accidents today are caused by distracted drivers that become increasingly fatigued on the road. With the number of accidents increasing drastically every year, keeping the driver alert is not enough anymore. It has become necessary to keep the driver engaged.

Drivia consists of several different categories that appeal to each driver´s interests, knowledge and skills. The app also features pre-recorded messages that are based on the drivers´ response, engaging them with louder and more dynamic alert messages as their response becomes slower.

Drivia is initially launched in English with future plans to introduce it to markets worldwide.

It is currently available for iPhone users and will later be supported by Android and Windows Mobile.

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