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Android protection updated

Kaspersky Lab has announced an update of its Android security solution – Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite. The updated version features new Anti-Virus Lite functionality aimed at better protection against the growing number of malicious programs aimed at the Android platform.

Anti-Virus Lite is an easy-to-use tool that performs on-demand checks of newly downloaded Android programs. This new feature implements Kaspersky Lab Cloud Security Scanner technology, which uses the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network to react quickly against threats as they emerge. Users of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite are advised to scan all new programs using Anti-Virus Lite in order to ensure the safety of personal data.

The paid-for version ‚ highly recommended for those who are especially concerned about the security of their smartphone ‚ offers advanced features to fight malware, block unwanted calls and messages, remotely control a smartphone in case it is lost or stolen, and hide sensitive data. The fully functional anti-virus feature also automatically scans all new apps, blocking those deemed malicious.

By upgrading to the paid-for version of the product one gets the anti-theft module with added features, for instance, SIM Watch, which can remotely block a phone as soon as the SIM card is removed. The Privacy function also becomes available: this enables telephone log records, SMS folder contents and other similar information to be hidden from third parties.

Both the updated Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite and the paid-for version of the product are available in 13 languages. The retail price of the paid-for version in your region can be found on the Android Market.

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