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ANC’s mobile marketing secret

Millions of South Africans have successfully taken to the polls, making their voice heard as to who they want to see delivering services for the next 4 years. In the months preceding the elections, political candidates use various strategies to secure the support of the masses. Calling on the leaders in commuter marketing and advertising, the ANC contracted ComutaNet to ensure the vast commuter market was not left untapped, to their obvious success.

The leading party took a holistic approach to engaging the 19.4 million commuters in the two months preceding voting day on 18 May 2011. Taxis and busses across the country were splashed with the vibrant party colours and the campaign slogan: ‚a better life for all‚ . In addition, the high impact Comuta Radio and Rank TV media were used to help educate commuters as to the ruling party’s pledge for service delivery going forward.

‚With millions of commuters in South Africa, we believe that our platforms have added immense value in terms of communicating with and educating potential voters. The majority of South Africa’s bread-winners use public transport daily and as leaders in their respective households are a vital part of any campaign where messages need to spread to dwellers of many homes. A large portion of these commuters are household decision makers and thus very influential in critical family related decision making. ‚ says Derick Mzoneli, National Sales Manager at ComutaNet.

With a thorough understanding and 20-years experience of communicating with the vast and dynamic commuter market: ComutaNet is the ideal media partner for all businesses: and definitely a strong tool for political parties, wanting to engage with large volumes of South Africans. For more information on the various outdoor and audio/visual platforms available at ComutaNet, visit their website or call one of the professional media consultants today.

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