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The Inspire M5300 sound system is the next step in Creative Technology’s mission to bring cinema- and arcade-like experiences to the home user. It offers surround sound at an affordable price, so that an immersive experience does not have to go hand in hand with a drowning wallet…

As audio and visual production and presentation technology improves, TV and computer games are reaching new levels of realism in both the representation of characters, and the way in which the game world reacts in a lifelike manner.

In movies and games, music plays a vital part in creating a mood and manipulating the feelings of the viewer and player. Imagine Psycho or Final Fantasy without the power of music: half the experience of the movie and game would be lost, reducing both the enjoyment and the experience.

Surrounded by Creative Technology’s affordable new sound system

It used to be that people could only experience the full effect of a sound track by going to a cinema or games arcade, where surround sound cocoons viewers, creating an immersive experience that leads them to forget about the outside world for a few hours.

Creative Technology, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, has declared the philosophy that anyone should be able to have the same experience at home. It is with this in mind that they have launched the Inspire M5300. It allows the listener to be surrounded by clear, natural booming sound when playing games or watching movies in their homes. And it does so at an absurdly low price tag for such an elaborate set-up: a recommended retail price of R849 in South Africa.

The Inspire M5300 system

This affordable speaker system is designed to complement any room. The powerful 17-watt subwoofer transmits booming bass, while rear satellites allow for precisely positioned audio. The combination means you can hear your games and movies with greater accuracy and clarity, while the wired remote ensures full control of the system.

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